4 days / 2,000 exhibitors
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Day 2


Electronic commerce; the best and most powerful tool to sale

Show the basements of the electronic ecommerce for a right application and exploitation of it. It will be presented the differences of the basic tools and concepts through exercises and apps about how to use it, in which there are; the 8 steps for your Ecommerce, payment methods, logistic, digital marketing and it will be exhibit the opening of an online store step by step together with the uploading of the photography and description of the product.




Professionals in all disciplines, speak about their experiences and work.
Best speakers in fashion world, sells and ecommerce here, in SAPICA.

Ricardo Flores + Miguel Urzúa + Ricardo Soto

Ricardo Flores: General manager of eCommerceMX,  Mexican platform that for 4 years has presented electronic commerce topics hand by hand with the experts, with training and development for business men and entrepreneurs. In 2017 it was consolidated as the only 100% practical event, being Shopify´s Partner with free entrance talks and showroom of solutions with all the logistics and secrets to boost your Ecommerce and the only one with just in time teaching with the objective that to the end of the event you could have your development ready to work.

Miguel Urzúa:  Expert in product image and photography specialized for Ecommerce and social networks, his experience includes the analysis of the entire electronic business chain: payments, stock, shipments, logistic and customer service; same as software development to integrate and check every of those areas.

Rodolfo Soto: Graduate in marketing and management in the Panamericana University. Specialized in marketing strategy, strategic and creativity publicity planning. Founder and officer of the communication agency Brandhouse Marketing. He is advisor in strategic marketing and teacher of the electronic commerce topic in the Panamericana University.