4 days / 2,000 exhibitors
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Day 3


McDonalization of the Fashion” Think fast, act quick and sale more.

“I see it now, I want it now” What is the meaning of those phrase for the footwear companies? Without any doubt this is a warn of the speed that is taking the fashion and how the consumer doesn´t want to wait to receive the novelties. In this conference we are going to board the challenge that industry has: increase the tendencies development speed and sale efficiently.




Professionals in all disciplines, speak about their experiences and work.
Best speakers in fashion world, sells and ecommerce here, in SAPICA.


He is fashion advisor in the “Cámara de Calzado de Guanajuato” and acts as creative director in the collections of the footwear and synthetic raw materials of the companies. He was director in the cultural institute in León-ICL of the Plastic-ESAP Arts school, he has been tendencies consultor in the “Cámara de Calzado y Joyería en Jalisco” and leader of the technical board in the fashion system MoMe.

He is expert in create and apply programs that let to produce creative and innovative products.

Graduated in art and history, academic in universities in the area of creative production, art history, fashion history, tendencies research and creative model production.