SAPICA: Exceed Your Limits

Sapica Edition 86 opening ceremony.

Tenacity and consistency define the most important footwear and leather goods fair in Latin America. Since 1974, SAPICA has been evolving, in constant movement, we’ve been here for 48 years and we are ready to have new experiences in this next edition number 87, from 23 to 25 August 2022.

SAPICA is a reflection of the work of the people of Guanajuato, and of the footwear and leather goods industry. We are an industry that despite the adversities and challenges as a consequence of the worst health and economic crisis that paralysed the world, we did not stop as a trade fair, we continue with a lively, active industry, full of energy to keep moving forward.

Today, we are convinced that the transition to growth and evolution is resilience. We are undergoing a dynamic process of change and continue to readapt, recognizing that the greatness of our industry is due to the talent of our people.

At SAPICA, our largest business meeting, we will showcase the best of Mexican footwear and leather goods. It will be the opportunity for more than 350 exhibitors and more than 2,400 unique national and international trading companies to do business, generate alliances and trigger innovation in our companies, providing welfare to the thousands of families that depend on this industry.

SAPICA sparks the economic reactivation of our sector and also injects energy to sectors such as the hotel, restaurant and commercial sectors; SAPICA is a footwear fair and a city event, a great celebration of Leon and Guanajuato, we become hosts, to receive our national and international buyers.

During the pandemic we did not remain static, we carried out our editions in a hybrid way: virtual + face-to-face; today our event is 100 percent face-to-face and we offer a SAPICA Directory, as a 24/7 platform to generate business opportunities among our exhibitors and buyers.

The footwear and leather goods industry needs this face-to-face meeting between retailers and manufacturers, and for this reason, we seek to create a safe environment for business by implementing our Health, Safety and Prevention Protocol designed especially for the trade fair.

Some of the experiences we will have for exhibitors and buyers:

Knowledge Pavilion:

Roberto Martínez during his conference at the Knowledge Pavilion, SAPICA Edition 86.

seeking to trigger ideas, innovation and adoption of best practices, we will have several conferences with internationally recognized experts such as Moris Dieck with “The new era of business”, Marcus Dantus, “Keys to successful entrepreneurship”; Gustavo Prado, “Market Trends in Mexico”; Eugenia Rodríguez, “Make your brand a success on social media”, as well as topics on Ecommerce and Trends by WGSN.

Internationalization: we will have a Shoes From Mexico Business Center that will meet the needs of international buyers and a service and attention platform for connection and networking with the ideal manufacturer for the needs of the buyer.

Community: we will enjoy the presence of fashion influencers Eugenia Rodríguez and Priscila Escoto, who will have the opportunity to spend time with our exhibitors and buyers at our fair, networking, cocktail and party events.

Events and activities: our theme is the HI-TECH-Sport Party trend, a sporty and energetic tone, so we will organize an athletic race in the city, fun experiences and memorable photo opportunitys during the fair, in addition to a party with the Dj´s Le Twins.

Today we are participating in a different scenario. A world where there are no barriers between the physical and the digital, where the way of creating trends evolves by leaps and bounds, transforming users into consumers hungry for new proposals, open to new ideas and euphoric to live.

Time is running out.
Let’s be competitive, innovative and active.
Let’s go out into the world, move towards new horizons and above all, let’s go beyond our limits.
We look forward to seeing you from August 23 to 25, 2022 at the Poliforum León, Guanajuato, Mexico.